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A brush with nature

18 November, 2006

Mr B.K. Masters: In the few minutes left available to me I will make a couple of comments. In some respects it is unfortunate that this debate is not taking place next week, because this Sunday I will lead about 30 people on a 15-kilometre walk through the proposed Yelverton state forest. Wearing my hat as the President of the Busselton Naturalists Club, this year in the cooler winter and spring months we will do 10 walks of between 15 and 20 kilometres through the proposed Yelverton, Bramley and Forest Grove National Parks.

Several members interjected

Mr B.K. Masters: The members are being rude; I can tell.

Mr B.J. Grylls: We didn’t know what you were president of.

Dr J.M. Edwards: Or what you would be wearing!

Mr B.K. Masters: I know what the members are suggesting. It is far too cold to do what they are suggesting that maybe I do!

Mr B.J. Grylls: It is called getting back to nature.

Mr B.K. Masters: The word is “naturalist” not “naturist”.

Mr B.J. Grylls: We will check Hansard!

Mr B.K. Masters: Yes, I think it is important that the member do that.

Contributed by Dave

Subject: Reserves (National Parks, Conservation Parks and Nature Reserves) Bill 2004 [Legislative Assembly, second reading]

Date: 19 August 2006

Hansard reference: pp. 5305b – 5318

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