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28 November, 2006

Hon PAUL LLEWELLYN: […] Without exception the debate on the voting system occurred as a line item. I am not drawing too much of a conclusion; I am merely saying that that was the line of inquiry that I undertook. The Greens wrote to the councils that had written to us. We were transparent about the fact that on principle we support proportional preferential voting. However, we told them that we are interested to hear their substantial arguments. When the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs investigates the bill, the various proponents will be able to outline their issues and concerns. Was that the Leader of the House? I hope that Hansard caught that yawn. It was a very deep yawn. I wonder how that will be reflected in Hansard.

Hon Peter Collier: He’s as subtle as a flamethrower!

Hon PAUL LLEWELLYN: I am sorry to have bored the Leader of the House so much! Nevertheless, I will continue with my comments.

Subject: Local Government Amendment Bill 2006 [Legislative Council – Motion (Instruction to Committee of the Whole)]

Date: 23 November 2006

Hansard reference: pp. 8727c – 8743a [online (pdf)]

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