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Hello sailor

9 December, 2006

MS K. HODSON-THOMAS (Carine) [4.25 pm]: […] I know that because I can see the area from my hotel room at the Ocean Centre Hotel.

Ms A.J.G. MacTiernan: Are we staying at the same hotel?

Ms K. HODSON-THOMAS: We are indeed, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure. It is a great outlook from there. I must admit that I enjoyed looking out at the port last night and at the twinkling of the starboard and port markers.

Ms A.J.G. MacTiernan: I love it when you talk nautical!

Ms K. HODSON-THOMAS: People know that I have a great affinity with the ocean and for boating, which I love. It is a great leisure activity, and Geraldton is renowned for it. That revitalisation is very important to all in Geraldton. Therefore, I support the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure. I know members on the other side are surprised, because I am not often known to support her, but I have a high regard for the work she does.

I also enjoy the outlook from what is a fantastic tribute initiated by Rotary, the HMAS Sydney memorial. I walked up there with a couple of colleagues this morning; it is a beautiful walk.

Mr J. McGrath: We jogged up!

Ms K. HODSON-THOMAS: No, we did not jog up. I am sure the member for South Perth would not have made the hill!

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Misleading the Parliament – tut-tut!

Subject: Railway Discontinuance Bill (No. 2) 2006 [Legislative Assembly – second reading]

Date: 30 May 2006

Hansard reference: pp. 3189b – 3205a [online (pdf)]

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