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Festive message

24 December, 2006

THE SPEAKER (Mr F. Riebeling): I thank members for their contribution to the adjournment debate. I now get the opportunity as Speaker to speak in an unusual set of surroundings. I never thought I would be standing here on the last day of any Parliament speaking to a red chamber rather than the more traditional blue chamber. I thank the Council for allowing us to use this chamber. No doubt we will use it again when we return in February; hopefully, for only one week’s sitting.

[…] I hope that I do not have anxious nights in January worrying about whether the deadline will be met. Members should not worry about it; but I should and I will. If it does not work out it is only a short-term issue; whatever problems arise will be fixed in about 80 years!


I thank everyone and I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. If we all drink in moderation, we will all return safe and healthy. I am sure those are the thoughts of everyone. I thank both sides of the chamber for their support during the year. Some members have been a little noisier than others, but if we have no passion, we might as well not be here. I thank everyone for their efforts and look forward to next year in a brand-new chamber. If there are any scratches on the chairs, we will know who did it! I look forward to the start of the next parliamentary year.

Subject: Adjournment of the House [Legislative Assembly]

Date: 12 December 2006

Hansard reference: pp. 9397c – 9402a [online (pdf)]

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