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Now we’re going somewhere

24 December, 2006

HON KIM CHANCE (Agricultural – Leader of the House) [6.36 pm]: I move –

That the house do adjourn to a time and place of the President’s –

THE PRESIDENT: This is very tempting, Leader of the House; we might be going somewhere exotic.

Hon KIM CHANCE: No. Without notice, I move –

That the house at its rising adjourn until a date and time to be fixed by the President.

Hon Norman Moore: I like the bit about the place!

Hon KIM CHANCE: Acapulco? We will start with As.

The PRESIDENT: I do not want to interrupt the Leader of the House, but I hope he is successful in getting the appropriate appropriations so that we can give that consideration!

Hon KIM CHANCE: I have already made a small start on that, Mr President, to be fair!

The PRESIDENT: Please commence your promise!

Hon KIM CHANCE: Thank you, Mr President.

Subject: Adjournment of the House [Legislative Council – Special]

Date: 7 December 2006

Hansard reference: pp. 9343c – 9350a [online (pdf)]

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