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ACME Insurance Brokers

15 January, 2007

MR M. McGOWAN (Rockingham – Parliamentary Secretary) [1.07 pm]: […] On the impact that this legislation will have, the member for Merredin commented upon a hypothetical case in which someone who wanted insurance for a horse had the phone hung up on him.

Mr B.J. Grylls: It was not a hypothetical case; it was me.

Mr M. McGOWAN: Was the phone hung up on the member?

Mr B.J. Grylls: No, the insurance broker said to me that he was not interested. As soon as I mentioned a horse and property, the insurance broker told me to ring somebody else.

Mr M. McGOWAN: What was the beep, beep, beeping? You said there was beep, beep, beeping.

Mr B.J. Grylls: I said that that may as well have been what happened.

Mr T.K. Waldron: And the roadrunner was going past at the same time!

Subject: Civil Liability Amendment Bill 2004 [Legislative Assembly – Consideration in Detail]

Date: 16 June 2004

Hansard reference: pp. 3769c – 3774a [online (pdf)]

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