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The need for direction

21 January, 2007

Hon DERRICK TOMLINSON: […] Is this a question of the manner of teaching? Is it a question of content? For example, would it be a contravention of the subclause if a music teacher taught maths, when the person was employed on condition that music only be taught because the person was competent to teach music only? I do not think that would relate to the way a person practises. If the person taught in a way that was too didactic in his or her presentation, as I would have –

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: I was just going to say that.

Hon DERRICK TOMLINSON: That is why I used it. I gave Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich a chance to wake up, did I not, sweetheart?

Withdrawal of Remark

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN (Hon Simon O’Brien): Order! That exchange might have been between the honourable member and Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich, in which case it was unruly. However, if I am being unfair and the honourable member was addressing the Chair, he should not do so using the term “sweetheart”!

Hon DERRICK TOMLINSON: I withdraw my unparliamentary language, Mr Deputy Chairman.

Subject: Western Australian College of Teaching Bill 2003 [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 7 May 2004

Hansard reference: pp. 2519b – 2535a [online (pdf)]

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