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22 January, 2007

Mr P.D. OMODEI: Does the member know what karnal bunt is?

Ms M.M. QUIRK: I certainly do, member for Warren-Blackwood. I have a copy of the wheat industry biosecurity plan of July 2002, which notes that there has been a low level of surveillance for karnal bunt in the sampling of grain receivals. In July 2002 the risk was assessed as being relatively low. Given the observations in the budget papers, has the parliamentary secretary reassessed the threat of karnal bunt?

Mr F.M. LOGAN: At this point is it possible for me to phone a friend?

The CHAIRMAN: You may have a lifeline!

Mr F.M. LOGAN: Maybe I can go for a 50-50! I will be able to answer this question because I know the member for Girrawheen has a particular fascination with karnal bunt. I am glad that she did not get the first letters of this particular disease around the wrong way!

The CHAIRMAN: No spoonerisms around here!

Subject: Division 11: Agriculture, $120 243 00 – [Legislative Assembly – Estimates Committee]

Date: 19 May 2004

Hansard reference: pp. 288b – 303a [online (pdf)]

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