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Case study

23 January, 2007

Hon TOM STEPHENS: […] I do not want to go back to the charcoal and scroll days. I hope there are no Luddites among us who are opposed to new technology. I have been inspired by the leadership of our Presiding Officer, who has made a computer available to himself. I would be concerned if the House were denying the rest of us access to that technology. I have heard that a member who was recently looking for a bookcase in the Parliament was told that there were no funds for bookcases and that if he wanted one he would have to bring in his own. He did.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: Why would he want a bookcase when there are no books?

Hon TOM STEPHENS: He might want to read a book! We cannot have members reading books! Books are dangerous! They have been responsible for ideas creeping through society! I have heard that someone responsible for these funds for computers has said that funds cannot be allocated to members of Parliament for computers because the members who know how to use them will have an advantage over those who do not.

Hon Graham Edwards: On that basis, I think we should get rid of all our foot heaters!

Subject: Adjournment Debate – Members of Parliament Computers [Legislative Council – Adjournment Debate]

Date: 20 March 1997

Hansard reference: pp. 692 [online (pdf)]

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