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Behind bars

24 January, 2007

Mr BIRNEY: […] I would like to address a couple of other issues but, as I have run out of time, I am sure the Deputy Premier wants to say a few words.

Mr Ripper: I could sit quietly and see if you are given a further opportunity to speak.

Mr JOHNSON: I would like to hear more from the member for Kalgoorlie. He has a great interest in this Bill and the upper House’s amendments.

Mr McGowan interjected.

Mr JOHNSON: I am absolutely passionate. The member for Kalgoorlie has a lot of knowledge, because Kalgoorlie is very famous for its public drinking houses.

Ms MacTiernan: I thought you were going to say he has a lot of knowledge because he has been thrown out of a lot of pubs!

Mr JOHNSON: Not at all. The member for Kalgoorlie is an extremely competent businessman and has run a very good business in Kalgoorlie.

Ms MacTiernan: It must be only meetings he gets thrown out of.

Mr JOHNSON: The member is concerned for the people in Kalgoorlie, because it has a pub on every corner. I have been to Kalgoorlie only half a dozen times, and I have been in only a couple of the pubs. I am not a big drinker, and I have never been thrown out of a pub. It is important that we hear from the member for Kalgoorlie, if only for the benefit of the member for Armadale. I am not sure that she understands this Bill. I want her to understand this Bill, because it relates to heavy drinking. It is important that every member of the House know about that.

Ms MacTiernan: Absolutely. It is good that your side of the House recognises that it might have some issues in that area.

Mr JOHNSON: I think the issues are on the minister’s side of the House.

Ms MacTiernan: We are seeking to understand some of the behaviour on your side of the House.

Mr JOHNSON: The minister can drink me under the table any day. I am not a heavy drinker.

Mr Marshall: Can you hold your drink?

Mr JOHNSON: I can certainly hold my drink.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! Members, I bring your attention back to the debate.

Mr JOHNSON: The member for Kalgoorlie is making a fantastic contribution to the debate on this Bill because he has a wide knowledge about not only this area but also many other areas.

Mr McGowan: Are you saying he is also knowledgeable about prostitution?

Mr JOHNSON: He is very knowledgeable about many things. He is a jewel in our crown.

Mr Ripper: You have convinced me; I really want to hear from the member for Kalgoorlie!

Mr JOHNSON: I have achieved something today. I am absolutely passionate. I hope that the member for Kalgoorlie continues his remarks and enlightens not only members on this side of the House but also certain members on the other side of the House.

Mr BIRNEY: I thank the member for Hillarys. I was not intending to continue, but the member has inspired me to once more bring some issues to the Deputy Premier’s attention.

Subject: Liquor Licensing Amendment Bill 2001 [Legislative Assembly – Council’s Amendments]

Date: 28 November 2001

Hansard reference: pp. 6021 – 6022 [online (pdf)]

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