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A Federal interjection

5 February, 2007

For the past three months, this site has concerned itself with the wonder of the WA Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, found through searching Hansard. However, today there’s a slight change as we bring a Federal Government related post – and not something quoted in Hansard…

FOR six years, former Cabinet minister Amanda Vanstone has been working on a secret project to write a song of gravitas to make Australians feel proud of their country.

Senator Vanstone told The Sunday Telegraph she penned the lyrics to the tune of Land Of Hope And Glory, from Pomp And Circumstance, after she became aware of the need for more national songs.

The song – which she stresses is not intended to replace or rival Advance Australia Fair – is designed to be played alongside Waltzing Matilda and True Blue as Australian classics.

“The drafting began something like six years ago at either a Boxing Day or Australia Day lunch with a whole lot of mates,” Senator Vanstone said.

“We all decided … that we needed another song of gravitas because at school functions and things, once you’ve sung Advance Australia Fair, there isn’t another gravitas song.

“Some ceremonies that people go to – State funerals, school break-ups, etcetera – have more than one important moment.”

Senator Vanstone had her lyrics recorded by an Opera Australia singer and submitted a demo tape to Sony BMG, Australia’s largest record company.


Senator Vanstone said she was yet to receive any feedback on her tape from Sony BMG.

“They didn’t tell me what they thought. What did they think about it?”


The song is separated into five verses, signifying different aspects of Australia as a nation.

The first verse sums up the entire song, with the subsequent verses going into more detail.

“Indigenous Australians were here first, we are an immigration country, freedom is what we’ve enjoyed all our lives, and we are under southern stars – everyone knows the Southern Cross,” Senator Vanstone said.

The lyrics to Under Southern Stars:

Home to first Australians,
Joined from near and far,
Shining light for freedom,
Under Southern Stars.

Nation made of many,
Bound in hope as one,
Building for the future,
Under Southern Sun.

Free and Friendly Nation,
Born of our own hand,
Peace our greatest virtue,
Mighty Southern Land.

Valiant into Battle,
Courage to the end,
Standing firm for freedom,
Loyal southern friend.

Nature’s earthly heaven,
Glory for our eyes,
Ours alone those treasures,
Under Southern Skies.

Shining light for Freedom

Under Southern Stars.

With the likes of Vanstone and Houses & Motions‘ muse Woodhams [see: ‘Budget Pie‘, ‘I Love A Sunburn Daily‘ and ‘Advance Australia Equal‘] present in Australian politics, there is a danger of some kind of Poll Idol – but who wants to see Alexander Downer singing again?

Subject: Vanstone penned ode to Australia over six years

Date: 4 February 2007

Reference:, with AFP

[Thanks to Dave for the story]

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