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Once upon a tie in the West

22 February, 2007

HON JOHN FISCHER (Mining and Pastoral) [5.55 pm]: I will make one or two precursory remarks before I thank some people. Yesterday, the Minister for Racing and Gaming commented by way of interjection on the tie I was wearing.

Hon Nick Griffiths: You have really dished it up to me today!

Hon JOHN FISCHER: The minister certainly deserves to be complimented on the tie he is wearing today. I am sure that anyone from the racing industry would be extremely proud that the minister is wearing a tie that is extremely befitting of the position he holds. While I am talking about neckties, it would be remiss of me not to mention the ties worn by Hon Peter Foss on occasion, and certainly Hon Robin Chapple runs a very close second to him. I mention this today because my nine-year-old daughter presented me with a musical tie that is certainly fitting for this occasion. It brings out the Christmas feeling!

Hon Kim Chance: I think the honourable member’s tie is out of order!

Hon Ken Travers: I told them not to push your button!

Hon JOHN FISCHER: I think I have a flat battery already, but I am sure I will play it again at a later stage.

Subject: Adjournment of the House [Legislative Council – Special]

Date: 19 December 2002

Hansard reference: pp. 4538b – 4544a [online (pdf)]

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