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Previously, in the Legislative Assembly…

1 March, 2007

Mr J.B. D’ORAZIO: […] Some of the people who are opposed to daylight saving have been quite vicious in their e-mails. Some people have threatened that I will have my legs broken. Some people have made some nasty comments about my parentage.

Mr T.R. Sprigg: You have broken a few legs in your time! You are the “Godfather”, are you not?

Mr J.B. D’ORAZIO: I will get to that in a moment!


Mr J.B. D’ORAZIO: […] I do not support everything in this bill. I do not support the referendum. However, I will be supporting the compromise bill that has been introduced by the member for Kalgoorlie and co-sponsored by me, because I believe it will unify the “yes” position and provide the best opportunity to put daylight saving in place at least for three years. At the end of that period, there will be a referendum, and the community –

Mr J.E. McGrath: Why only three years? Why not five years?

Mr J.B. D’ORAZIO: I would prefer to have no referendum at all.

Mr J.E. McGrath: If 95 per cent of people support it, why do we need a referendum? Why not just do it?

Mr J.B. D’ORAZIO: Because that is the position that the majority of members in this Parliament seem to support. In the end, this is a democracy, and the majority opinion will prevail.

I also thank the member for Kalgoorlie for giving me his support when I approached him to take a joint position with the government on this matter. His support was fantastic. However, I have a beef with the member for Kalgoorlie. He referred to himself as the father of daylight saving and to me as the godfather of daylight saving. I like to think of both myself and the member for Kalgoorlie as the parents of daylight saving. The only problem is that I am not sure who is the mother and who is the father! We can have that debate on another day.

Mr M.J. Birney: You might have spoken a bit too soon in any case! You should just retract those words for a couple of weeks!

Mr J.B. D’ORAZIO: Is that right? Is the member suggesting that we should wait until it happens? I actually think the term “godfather” should be given to the member for Hillarys – sorry, the member for Mindarie –

Mr R.F. Johnson: Whaddya say; whaddya say?

Mr J.B. D’ORAZIO: The member has always said he wants to be an Italian!

Mr R.F. Johnson: I am an honorary Italian!

Subject: Daylight Saving Bill (no. 2) 2006 [Legislative Assembly – Standing Orders — Suspension]

Date: 31 October 2006

Hansard reference: pp. 7886b – 7952a [online (pdf)]

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