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what a day that was

4 April, 2007

Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY: […] In amendments to the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993, casual loading is increased from 15 to 20 per cent. Sunday penalty rates will force many businesses to rethink their employment levels. They will put off employing young people who are available for work on weekends because of their studies during the week. It comes back to young people. I do not know whether other members saw the young people running around all over Perth today with The Guest Afghanistanian, their Prosh newspaper. If this is symptomatic of the kids of today, the next generation of leaders is well assured. I wish I could show members this picture. It shows about six union men, with the most gorgeous bellies overhanging, carrying megaphones. This is what the kids had to say –

In a move guaranteed to appeal to the Today Tonight watching masses, Union officials today marched the streets of Perth advocating a new weight loss program.

The kids are having a bit of fun with the unions.

Hon Graham Giffard: You worked that out. Good on you.

Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY: Yes; I thought the article was good, and decided to read it to the House in case some members had not seen it. The way the kids worded it is very clever. It continues –
Seeking to overthrow notions that they were nothing more than beergutted bludgers, unions strove to convince the public that they are in fact hard working, able-bodied employees. A stop work order was issued and a meeting rapidly convened at health food store Baskin and Robbins. Sources say there were only four flavours available for the remainder of the day. From here, the walkout rolled on towards Parliament House, where a number of issues were raised in a typically gutsy, unionist, fashion. Cries of “What do we want?! TACO BELL! When do we want it?! NOW!”, “What the hell is Choc Milk Light?!” and “No Ticket, No Heart Disease” drove the point home.

These kids are very clever. They must have read the legislation.

Hon Norman Moore: That makes more sense than the legislation.

Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY: They picked up a lot of things.

Hon Graham Giffard: It makes more sense than your speech.

Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY: I think it is great that the kids –

Hon Norman Moore: Are you making a speech?

Hon Graham Giffard: I have not decided.

Several members interjected.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Jon Ford): Order, members! Hon Robyn McSweeney has the call.

Several members interjected.

Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY: The members are still barking.

The service stations that employ people to work odd hours, and fast food places and restaurants, will have to increase their prices to cover costs or cut staff. Does the Government want people out of work? Is this not the Government that works for employees?

Hon Dee Margetts: You don’t even allow them a meal break.

Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY: The Greens have a voice. Goodness me.

Hon Norman Moore: The broad left.

Hon Alan Cadby: The broad left, far left and extreme left.

Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY: I thought it was the loony left.

Subject: Labour Relations Reform Bill 2002 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 17 April 2002

Hansard reference: pp. 9644 – 9645 [online (pdf): p. 9644 / p. 9645]

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