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working parties

8 April, 2007

MR J.N. HYDE (Perth) [5.08 pm]: […] International students already attract parents and siblings who come to visit at a rate of 1.8 visitor per student. We can make that market grow. The 20-something or 30-something professionals in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia will fly to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Bali for a dance party weekend or for something different. Let us brand WA so that they, and the coming generation of mainland Chinese with disposable incomes, will want to make Perth or Broome their quick vacation destination.

Mr E.S. Ripper: Are we competitive in terms of dance parties?

MR J.N. HYDE: We could be with slightly more government assistance. People will not come here to shop at night, but they will come here to dance.

Subject: Appropriation (Consolidated Fund) Bill (no. 1) 2005 / Appropriation (Consolidated Fund) Bill (no. 2) 2005 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 2 June 2005

Hansard reference: pp. 2728c – 2761a [online (pdf)]

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