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right angling

10 April, 2007

Mr G. SNOOK: […] However, I guess for a poor villager who can hardly afford to buy more than one set of clothes every year or two, and whose average wage would not add up to probably more than a mere couple of thousand dollars a year, in other words very much a subsistence fisherman, the lure of being able to live and feed his family plus make a few pennies on the side – or whatever the currency is – is very strong. There is another aspect, in that it is traditionally what the fathers of those villagers did and what their fathers before them did. If there were female skippers and female fisher persons, they would have followed that same tradition.

Dr S.C. Thomas interjected.

Mr G. SNOOK: In the industry there are now fisher persons. However, I find that very hard; I call them fishermen.

Ms M.M. Quirk: “Fishers” is all right.

Mr G. SNOOK: No, I am sorry, I just cannot buy that. I am and always have been a fisherman. I have known a number of very capable and able female fishermen in the rock lobster fishery and they want to be called that; they are characters themselves.

The question is: will the penalties, however harsh they are, stop those subsistence fishermen from making incursions into our state waters? Of course, the commonwealth looks after the first 12 miles.

Mr J.J.M. Bowler: Twelve miles?

Mr G. SNOOK: We have three miles, 12 miles and then a 200-kilometre fishing zone.

Dr S.C. Thomas: We have three miles.

Mr G. SNOOK: We look after three miles at the state level.

Dr S.C. Thomas: You said that the commonwealth had 12 miles.

Mr G. SNOOK: The commonwealth has 12 miles and the state has three miles, and the commonwealth has a fishing zone of 200 kilometres. That is where it reaches.

Dr G.G. Jacobs interjected

Mr G. SNOOK: I will stick to the fishing angle, member for Roe.

Dr S.C. Thomas: An old fisherman never dies; he merely smells that way!

Dr G.G. Jacobs: An old fisher.

Dr S.C. Thomas: An old fisher never dies; he merely smells like it!

Subject: Fish Resources Management Amendment Bill 2006 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 29 November 2006

Hansard reference: pp. 8983b – 8996a [online (pdf)]

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