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12 April, 2007

Ms J.A. RADISICH: [..] I recently noticed an advertisement on television that disturbed me a great deal. I have tried to find out if there is any possibility under the Pawnbrokers and Second-Hand Dealers Act to limit that kind of advertising, but I could not find an avenue to achieve that. The advertisement I am talking about is for Cash Converters and it basically suggests that people should hock some of their possessions in order to obtain cash to have a big night out. I think that message is fundamentally wrong. The advertisement suggests that a young person – it seems to me that it targets young people –

Mr R.C. Kucera: It’s even more horrifying when you find out the rate of interest those young people are going to be charged. It’s an absolute scandal.

Ms J.A. RADISICH: That is right. The advertisement is encouraging people to hock their goods, get a couple of hundred dollars, go out and have a few drinks with friends and worry about the consequences later. That is not the right message to be sending to anyone in the community, especially young people. A more responsible message would be for people to save up and socialise with friends when they can afford it. If people cannot afford to go out, they should rent a movie and invite their friends to come to their house to watch it.

Mr R.F. Johnson: That’s a good idea!

Ms J.A. RADISICH: The member for Hillarys can come and watch a DVD with me anytime!

Mr R.F. Johnson: I’d better get permission from my wife first; she might get a little bit worried!

Subject: Premier’s Statement [Legislative Assembly – Motion — Consideration]

Date: 5 April 2007

Hansard reference: pp. 1290c – 1298a [online (pdf)]

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