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19 April, 2007

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: […] The Attorney General is a friend of mine, he knows that. The opposition is trying to help him by getting the best legislation. The Attorney General will be championing this legislation. When he visits other states and goes overseas he can say that he helped the bill pass through the Western Australian Parliament in a bipartisan way because he convinced members on the other side of the house. He can say that we all talked about the issues and that this is the best legislation in the world, never mind Australia. If he says that to people, I will back him. If he agrees to the amendments, I will state that it is the best legislation I have ever seen, without a doubt. That is an endorsement. Better still, the shadow Attorney General could say that.

Ms S.E. Walker: He will say that it is galactic!

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: If necessary!

The ACTING SPEAKER (Dr S.C. Thomas): Order, members! We are wandering from the point.

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: Yes, we are wandering into the universe!

The ACTING SPEAKER: Come back to this house, member!

Subject: Dangerous Sexual Offenders Bill 2005 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 15 November 2005

Hansard reference: pp. 7258c – 7305a [online (pdf)]

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