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we just don’t know

27 April, 2007

MR R.F. JOHNSON (Hillarys) [10.53 am]: […] This stingy government has treated our police to absolute abuse. It has not been prepared to pay them what they are worth. That is why we have seen such increasing numbers of good, experienced police officers resigning from our police service. They are our front line against crime in this state. They are employed for the protection and safety of Western Australians and they are not able to do their job adequately because we do not have enough of them. We have to advertise and bring in officers from overseas in great numbers. So far about 180-odd have been brought in from overseas to do the job that Western Australian police officers should be able to do. I have no problem with bringing in officers from overseas in certain numbers but what an indictment. Somebody said to me not so long ago that it is a bit like hiring mercenaries to police our state. If we think about it, we are hiring people to come to Australia. They are here for three months and then they are out on our streets pinging people for doing 10 kilometres an hour over the speed limit. Some Western Australians take an objection to that. However, they do not mind Western Australians becoming police officers.

Mr R.C. Kucera: What about teachers and nurses; are they mercenaries?

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: My friend, they do not uphold law and order; they do not charge people or arrest people, but our police officers do.

Mr R.C. Kucera: What about our Vietnam veterans? Does that make them mercenaries – you galah! Where are you coming from?

Withdrawal of Remark

Ms S.E. WALKER: The member for Yokine called the member for Hillarys a name that is unparliamentary. He should be directed to withdraw it.

Ms J.A. RADISICH: My recollection is that there has been a recent ruling on calling members names. There was a reference to mammals but I am not sure whether there was a reference to flying creatures.

Mr J.H.D. Day: They are called birds.

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr M.J. Cowper): The Speaker has ruled that there should be no references to birds or fish. I ask the member for Yokine to withdraw the comment.

Mr R.C. KUCERA: I withdraw.

Subject: Premier’s Statement [Legislative Assembly – Motion — Consideration]

Date: 5 April 2007

Hansard reference: pp. 1290c – 1298a [online (pdf)]

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