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gnome worries

30 April, 2007

Hon NORM KELLY: […] Last night, during the Estimates Committee hearings in the other place, members of the Labor Party had over three hours to investigate the Police Service and to ask the Minister for Police, the Commissioner of Police and senior police officers about the finances, workings and staffing of the child abuse unit, and any other matters that they would like to investigate further. I will not read from that debate, because I have only the uncorrected proof of the Hansard of that hearing, but in over three hours, the Labor Party did not ask one question about the child abuse unit. If the Labor Party were serious about addressing the problems that most likely exist in that unit of the Police Service, it would use that avenue to further investigate that matter. The Labor Party did have time to ask a question relating to garden gnomes being stolen. I know that is a serious matter for people who have had their garden gnomes stolen, but –

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: I have a garden gnome!

Hon NORM KELLY: Perhaps not for much longer! The Labor Party could ask a question relating to garden gnomes being stolen yet in three hours not even touch on the subject of the child abuse unit.

Point of Order

Hon BOB THOMAS: It was not a question. Reference was made to that matter, but it was not a question.

The PRESIDENT: Order! There is no point of order. The member can, as Hon Bob Thomas would know, claim as he sees fit; and, in due course, Hon Bob Thomas can speak, and if he wants to refute that comment, he may.

Debate Resumed

Hon NORM KELLY: Thank you, Mr President. I accept that the Labor Party finds garden gnomes a bit of a touchy subject. It had ample opportunity last night to fully investigate the workings of the child abuse unit, but it did not use that opportunity.

Subject: Western Australia Police Service – Child Abuse Unit [Legislative Council – Comments by Attorney General — Select Committee of Privilege]

Date: 28 May 1998

Hansard reference: pp. 3278 – 3279 [online (pdf): p. 3278 / p. 3279]

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