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and it’s goodnight from him…

25 May, 2007

Ms J.A. RADISICH: […] This is an example of one of those little things that we, as members of Parliament, can help out with to navigate the complicated bureaucratic system when sometimes no-one else can. The example I am talking about is the dedicated Ellenbrook Secondary College bus. Given that the bus catering to that college, which I have just spoken about, has vacancies because this is its first year of operation, and only two aged cohorts are using it at the moment, there is some space on it. What is happening with that empty space? Until last week, nothing was happening. From two days ago the students from Ellenbrook Christian College have been granted access to seats on that state government funded service.

Mr M.W. Trenorden: Can they be trusted?

Ms J.A. RADISICH: I think so.

Mr R.F. Johnson: Member for Swan Hills, I have really enjoyed your speech very much indeed.

Ms J.A. RADISICH: Please do not go!

Mr R.F. Johnson: Please don’t think I’m being rude; I have to go or I will be late. I’m sorry I shall miss the rest of your speech!

Ms J.A. RADISICH: Have a great evening.

Mr R.F. Johnson: And you.

Ms J.A. RADISICH: Goodbye, member for Hillarys.

Mr C.J. Barnett: We have the choice of listening to your speech or sitting in freeway traffic!

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: When we get over the love-fest, maybe we can finish the speech. Dear me!

Subject: Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Bill (no. 1) 2007 / Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Bill (no. 2) 2007 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading — Cognate Debate]

Date: 17 May 2007

Hansard reference: pp. 2379b – 2397a [online (pdf)]

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