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early days

29 June, 2007

MR P.B. WATSON (Albany – Parliamentary Secretary) [9.55 am]: My grievance is to the Minister for Sport and Recreation and is about child obesity. Child obesity really concerns me. We heard yesterday that the member for Merredin’s newborn son weighs about 10 pounds. That is very interesting. When I was born, I weighed 10 pounds, 14 ounces! I was so fat I could not open my eyes! That goes to show that where we start is not necessarily where we finish.

Ms J.A. Radisich: I started off as a skinny baby!

Mr P.B. Watson: I will not go there, member for Swan Hills!


Another problem is low self-esteem. Not all kids are interested in sport. However, when kids go to the school concert or the school dance, and they are the little fat boy sitting in the corner, or the little frumpy girl sitting on the side –

Ms J.A. Radisich: Which one were you?

Mr P.B. WATSON: I was the little skinny kid sitting on the side, who everyone used to pick on!

Subject: Child Obesity [Legislative Assembly – Grievance]

Date: 14 June 2007

Hansard reference: pp. 3105b – 3107a [online (pdf)]

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