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must be lunchtime

10 July, 2007

HON PAUL LLEWELLYN (South West) [9.22 pm]: […] Only two members of this house attended the Auditor General’s briefing today on the public sector performance report. Those two members were the hard working Hon Giz Watson and the hard working Hon Paul Llewellyn. I found that extraordinary, because there were a lot of sandwiches there! They probably should have audited the Parliament before they came, because then they would have known that they only needed to provide enough sandwiches for two! I do not know whether we should call the Auditor General in on that one! Nevertheless, I am told Hansard does not pick up jokes. Actually, that was not even a joke.

Hon Giz Watson: Don’t stop now!


Hon Ken Travers: That is probably the point at which Hansard needs to record that there was much mirth around the chamber!

Subject: Revenue Laws Amendment (Taxation) Bill 2007 / Revenue Laws Amendment (Assessment) Bill 2007 [Legislative Council – Second Reading — Cognate Debate]

Date: 27 June 2007

Hansard reference: pp. 3708b – 3714a [online (pdf)]

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