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sharp attack!

17 August, 2007

HON DERRICK TOMLINSON (East Metropolitan) [11.04 am]: Once again the Parliament is being called upon to bail out this inept Government. The Opposition does not mind bailing out this inept Government. It has become inured to it over the past two years.

Several members interjected.

Hon DERRICK TOMLINSON: No, inured to it. I see a look of bewilderment on the part of the Minister for Racing and Gaming.

The PRESIDENT: Order, members! It may just be that the minister cannot hear the comments.

Hon Nick Griffiths: I am really surprised that Hon Derrick Tomlinson is being political in the Legislative Council. It is most unbecoming.

Hon DERRICK TOMLINSON: Not at all, Mr President. I am simply stating a self-evident truth; that is, once again the Parliament is being asked to bail out an inept Government.

Hon Kim Chance: I am sure you will tell us why eventually.

Hon DERRICK TOMLINSON: The ineptitude is quite simply that we are being asked, with the Prostitution Amendment Bill 2003, to amend the Prostitution Act 2000 by repealing section 63 of that Act.

Hon Nick Griffiths: Correct.

Hon DERRICK TOMLINSON: Exactly. That is all it is about. It is very simple, but the reason is not.

Several members interjected.

The PRESIDENT: Order! Members will constrain themselves from using physical violence in the Chamber!

Hon Nick Griffiths: He was trying to stab Hon Simon O’Brien in the back!

Hon DERRICK TOMLINSON: Do not worry about that; I have plenty of knives in my back to share around!

Subject: Prostitution Amendment Bill 2003 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 13 June 2003

Hansard reference: pp. 8763b – 8774a [online (pdf)]

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