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a clean start

22 August, 2007

Resumed from 20 June.

The SPEAKER: The Attorney General.

Mr T. BUSWELL: Mr Speaker.

The SPEAKER: The Deputy Leader of the Opposition does not look like the Attorney General! The member for Vasse.

MR T. BUSWELL (Vasse – Deputy Leader of the Opposition) [12.28 pm]: To be likened physically to the Attorney General is one of the high points of my time in public life!

The SPEAKER: I can understand why the member would appreciate that!

Mr T. BUSWELL: I thank the Speaker for bestowing that immense honour on me, despite the fact that the Attorney General yesterday mistakenly inquired as to whether Dr Neale Fong was indeed my brother-in-law. I pointed out to him that he was not. It seems to be a rumour that has done the rounds. Just for the public record, he is not my brother-in-law – not that that has anything to do with the Election of Senators Amendment Bill, which we are now contemplating.

Subject: Election of Senators Amendment Bill 2007 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 15 August 2007

Hansard reference: pp. 4097c – 4110a [online (pdf)]

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