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asking for it

24 August, 2007

HON FRANK HOUGH (Agricultural) [11.58 am]: […] Something else made me rather concerned. Mary-Anne Kenworthy told me last Friday –

Hon Peter Foss: Was that at the premises?

Hon FRANK HOUGH: No, it was on the telephone outside. She said that following the renewed pressure on street soliciting, 20 men were arrested without first being issued with a move-on notice. She said that was devastating for several of those people and their families, and caused break-ups etc. Apparently at lunchtime groups of professionals drive through Northbridge for a quickie. We are lucky: we can go to the parliamentary bar and have one in there – we can have a beer, but people have different ideas.

Hon Kim Chance: Have I been missing something?

Hon FRANK HOUGH: I am saying that we can go to the bar for a beer or, in the case of the speaker, a lemonade. However, I am told that professionals who have an extremely high sex drive and want variety go to Northbridge at lunchtime or in the afternoons. This a regular occurrence.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson interjected.

Hon FRANK HOUGH: Some different people do. There are many forms of prostitution. We tend to think of streetwalkers as women, but boys and men also work in that area. I was quite surprised a couple of years ago to learn that a fellow I know quite well is a gigolo. He is not a handsome bloke by any means. When I told my wife, she laughed.

Hon Dee Margetts: Men are not the best judges of that.

Hon FRANK HOUGH: Very well said. I suppose I cannot judge everyone by me.

Hon Peter Foss: We would all look pretty good!

Subject: Prostitution Amendment Bill 2003 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 13 June 2003

Hansard reference: pp. 8763b – 8774a [online (pdf)]

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