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parental guidance

5 September, 2007

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: […] There are hundreds of couples waiting to adopt children, yet this government said that it could not find anybody other than the homosexual couple that adopted a child. That was allowed under this government. I know that the minister has a penchant for these sorts of people and he wants to help them all he can, but I do not want to see such a child, as it could never be described as in the best interests of any child.

Mr J.A. McGinty: What do you mean I have a penchant for these sorts of people? Do you want to elaborate on that?

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: It is because the minister brings in the legislation to make all these things possible.

Mr P. Papalia: As long as it is not compulsory!

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: The minister would like to make it compulsory, I think.

Mr J.A. McGinty: Do you think it is more than a penchant?

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: It could be more than a penchant.

Seriously, I do not want any child brought into this world for the purpose of a homosexual couple bringing up that baby as a child of their own. To me that would have a disastrous effect on that child.

Mr J.A. McGinty: Can I wipe your sweated brow and tell you not to worry?

Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I want the minister to stand, because I want it recorded, and to explain where in this bill it says that certainly could never possibly happen.

Mr J.A. McGINTY: The member for Hillarys has whipped himself up into a real lather over his interest in the activities of gay and lesbian people. The question was about the ability of gay males to commission a child. Clause 15 of the bill does not allow that.

Mr R.F. Johnson: Clause 15. I just want to make sure because, you know, you are a bit slippery.

Dr E. CONSTABLE: I heard in a very helpful discussion I had with the minister’s advisers that it is possible for a lesbian couple to enter into a surrogacy arrangement.

Mr J.A. McGINTY: It is possible for a medically infertile woman to use in-vitro fertilisation and for someone else to stand in the shoes of the woman, provided she is medically infertile.

Dr E. Constable: Yes.

Mr J.A. McGINTY: That is the test. We are not introducing extraneous matters, such as sexual orientation or matters of that nature. Medical infertility is the test.

Mr C.J. Barnett interjected.

Mr J.A. McGINTY: Does the member for Cottesloe want to draw me a diagram to show me how it works?

Mr C.J. Barnett: No; I am just showing whether it’s possible.

Mr B.S. Wyatt: Quite an attractive couple, I think!

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I am sorry, member for Capel, I think members are digressing somewhat.

Dr S.C. THOMAS: Not as sorry as I am with that thought!

Subject: Surrogacy Bill 2007 [Legislative Assembly – Consideration in Detail]

Date: 30 August 2007

Hansard reference: pp. 4637b – 4653a [online (pdf)]

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