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time flies

24 February, 2008

After a pause in proceedings, we’re back (at last!) for 2008.

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: […] The Titelius case preceded the proceedings in this house in Hon Peter Foss’s day; in fact, I think, by quite a few years. Incidentally, I notice from the excerpt that you were in the chair then, Mr Chairman, so if you are experiencing a sense of deja vu, I do not blame you!

The CHAIRMAN: I have not left the chair; I have been sitting here for four years!

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: It might seem that way, Mr Chairman, but I have been on my feet for only a little while!


I think I have outlined the opposition’s position. I have taken some time to do it but I am sure a jolly lot less time than Hon Peter Foss would have taken.

The CHAIRMAN: I do not think so!

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: I want to emulate my icons, Mr Chairman.

Subject: Acts Amendment (Justice) Bill 2007 [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 20 February 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 168b – 179a [online (pdf)]

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