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4 April, 2008

Amusingly, after the last post, the following quote comes from the NSW Legislative Assembly. I haven’t checked up on Houses and Motions‘ old favourite, Mr Woodhams from Greenough in WA, but it’s good to see the songs aren’t a WA-only thing. Thanks to Dave for finding this one, and, even better, the ABC link with audio. He’s suggested a mash-up: parliamentary Rickroll (it’s a Wikipedia link, if you’re worried about clicking it!), anyone?

Mr Michael Daley: Point of order: In respect of relevance, we have given the member for Epping an incredible amount of latitude, in contravention of Standing Order 76. This is a very simple bill. It is a bill to amend the Roads Act to acquire pollution filtration equipment. It has nothing to do with the matters that the member for Epping has been proselytising about unsuccessfully for the past five minutes, and I ask that you draw him back to the leave of the bill.

Mr GREG SMITH: I have heard that and I will take it seriously.

ACTING-SPEAKER (Mr Thomas George): Order! I ask the member for Epping to confine his remarks to the bill as he concludes his speech.

Mr GREG SMITH: On the issue of pollution and filtration, I was inspired to write a song, which is to the familiar tune of The Road to Gundagai:

♫Epping Road’s now a track
And we want our three lanes back,
Give us back our Epping Road.

Where the two lanes are blocked off,
For young and old to see,
Our free road’s a funnel,
The tunnel costs big fees.

Oh, no more will I roam
Now the fumes are spreading home,
Now Iemma’s hijacked Epping Road.♫

That might seem funny, but it is true. Every word of that song is true.

Subject: Roads Amendment (Lane Cove Tunnel Filtration) Bill 2007 [Legislative Assembly – Agreement in Principle]

Date: 3 April 2008

Hansard reference: [proof online]

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