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preliminary studies

8 May, 2008

Mr HINCHLIFFE (Stafford—ALP) (8.49 pm): I rise to participate in the debate on the Coroners (Reporting Arrangements) Amendment Bill.


In our Westminster system, it is the democratically responsible and accountable government that makes policy—policy that esponds to the findings and recommendations made in any given coronial inquiry. It is then this parliament—it is this House; it is this Assembly—empowered by a mandate which is required to enact that policy. I acknowledge the fine and very learned contribution again of the member for Murrumba in relation to this point.

I used the member for Murrumba’s fine book, The Deep North, which analysed the Bjelke-Petersen regime, to define the doctrine of the separation of powers in an essay I did during my high school modern history studies. I do not think I have disclosed that to the member before, but I thank him for his learned work and the role that it played in my passing year 11 modern history. I think it would be good and right for the member for Lockyer, who remains in the House with us here, and for the member for Clayfield, who may be somewhere else in the precinct listening to the debate—in fact, it would serve them well—to go to the library on level 6 and seek out The Deep North and maybe learn a bit more about the role of the separation of powers in our Westminster system.

Mr Wettenhall: They should read your essay too.

Mr HINCHLIFFE: I should pull out the essay and make sure I table it in the House at the next occasion.

Ms Grace: Spare us!

Mr HINCHLIFFE: I take the interjection from the member for Brisbane Central; I think it might be best that I spare the House.

Subject: Coroners (Reporting Arrangements) Amendments Bill [Second Reading]

Date: 30 April 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 1386 – 1387 [online (pdf)]

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