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being mrs doyle?

12 May, 2008

Hon KIM CHANCE: […] Mr Murphy became aware of the possibility of a breach of the law. Was there a breach of the law? He does not know. He is a journalist. He is not qualified to determine whether there was a breach of the law. What he did know was that he had a legal obligation to tell the Director General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. Did the government influence that?

Hon Simon O’Brien: I’d like to know.

Hon KIM CHANCE: The peanut gallery is in its usual rabble form. It knows that it has already lost the argument. The one issue that it has been able to identify as a matter that requires investigation is that somehow the government influenced the way in which those legal obligations were carried out. There was no influence.

Hon Norman Moore: Did I say that?

Hon KIM CHANCE: No, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition said it.

Hon Norman Moore: I said that I want to know what happened. I’d like to know why the police haven’t investigated the last burglary of my house, yet 16 armed officers turn up to investigate that —

Hon KIM CHANCE: I promised the Leader of the Opposition —

Hon Norman Moore: Sixteen police officers can go and do over the office of the Sunday Times because your government makes it happen.

Hon KIM CHANCE: Five went, and they could not get cooperation.

Hon Norman Moore: So they needed 16 with guns. What were the guns for, Mr Leader?

Hon KIM CHANCE: I promised the Leader of the Opposition that I would get back to that, and now I will. In the state of Western Australia—the Leader of the Opposition may not have noticed this yet—all police officers are armed at their discretion.

Hon Norman Moore: At their discretion.

Hon KIM CHANCE: All police officers are armed at their discretion. When we walk around the parliamentary precinct, we see some wonderful police officers here to support us. Obviously members of the opposition think they are members of the SS! However, they are wonderful police officers, family people and residents of Western Australia, not members of the SS. I am just appalled that the Leader of the Opposition would say that. However, these wonderful young men and women who protect our safety here in the parliamentary precinct are more than often armed.

Hon Norman Moore: Were they concerned that the editor was going to physically resist and would be shot?

Hon Simon O’Brien: The tea lady gets a bit feral, I believe. It could have been nasty!

Hon KIM CHANCE: If members opposite are going to allow this debate to degenerate, I can understand their attempt to cover their embarrassment. I can understand them doing that. I can understand them trying to draw as many red herrings as they can. However, we have a motion in front of us that requires us to analyse an event that occurred.

Subject: Select Committee into the Police Raid on the Offices of the Sunday Times [Legislative Council – Establishment — Motion]

Date: 8 May 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 2652c – 2665a [online (pdf)]

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