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sticking the boot in

12 May, 2008

Mr J.A. McGINTY: Self-defence is currently available as a response to an assault, including a variety of threats. Of course, I refer to a limited variety of threats. An assault includes any bodily act or gesture that attempts or threatens to apply force of any kind. It is a narrower definition of a threat than the one now envisaged.

Mr M.W. Trenorden: That means that I can view as a threat someone who wants me to watch a Dockers match!

Mr J.A. McGINTY: It would certainly be picked up under the new definition of a “harmful act”!

The SPEAKER: It is better if I tell the jokes.

Mr J.A. McGINTY: Sorry, Mr Speaker!

Subject: Criminal Law Amendment (Homicide) Bill 2008 [Legislative Assembly – Consideration in Detail]

Date: 8 May 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 2724c – 2743a [online (pdf)]

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