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back in time

13 May, 2008

Mr FRASER: […] After a year of being on the record saying that climate change did not exist, the Leader of the Opposition had a breakthrough in February to suggest that in fact climate change just might exist but threw up his hands about what to do about it. Then by the time it got to the end of the week—when he turned up on Friday—the renewable Leader of the Opposition said that climate change was going to be one of his priorities.

Mr Springborg: I’m honoured that you’re following what I’m saying—very honoured!

Mr FRASER: Let us have a look at what the Leader of the Opposition said when on his feet talking about climate change. The Leader of the Opposition said amongst his ‘vibe-ish’ proposals for the way in which he would deal with climate change was that he wanted to be the champion of both tidal and wind power—except his policy prescription reads more like a Mills and Boon novel because he said he wanted to harness the unlimited pounding strength of tides and waves.

Government members interjected.

Mr FRASER: The Borg is walking into the ocean to harness the power—the enduring pounding power—of the tides to save us from climate change! The fact of the matter is this: when it comes to the Leader of the Opposition’s policy proposal for climate change, he is better off going to the Tardis, going back in time and reversing everything he said for a week. The Borg needs to travel back in time, find his feet on climate change, fast forward back to this place to this time in 2008 and come up with a policy proposal.

Subject: Climate Change, Opposition Policies [Queensland Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 27 February 2008

Hansard reference: p. 420 [online (pdf)]

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