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30 October, 2008

Just waiting for the proofs from this week’s regional sessions in Cairns to be cleared…

Mr LUCAS: […] Of course the Leader of the Opposition, being the model of a modern
opposition leader, has a Facebook page in which he likes to communicate with the public. I actually took the opportunity to have a bit of a look at his Facebook page. It is very interesting. It is headed ‘Lawrence Springborg is gearing up for parly’. What are some of the things that Lawrence was doing yesterday according to his Facebook page? At 9.32 am, whilst the Premier was talking about the Great Barrier Reef, Lawrence just scored 1,500 points in Soccer—Suburban Goalie on MindJolt. At 7.04 the night before: ‘Lawrence is now friends with Dave Seeney’. I do not know about enemies. We know he is no longer friends with Jeff Seeney. But as of 7.04 the night before he is now friends with Dave Seeney.

At 9.12 am yesterday Lawrence joined the group Dr Smith—legend of television. No doubt that is about the policy formulation process. Most of all, yesterday at 9.36 am Lawrence wrote on Katherine Smith’s wall. Who is Katherine Smith? She is the senior media adviser to the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. That is where you write someone a note. What did he write on the wall at 9.36 am? He wrote, ‘Katherine, you can have a nanna nap after parly.’

That is very easy to understand. If members saw the train wreck of an interview that the Deputy
Leader of the Opposition did they would know that they did not even have a nanna nap after parly; they have had a nanna nap on policy since the Leader of the Opposition was elected. They think they can go to sleep and wake up after the election and it will fool the people of Queensland. Those opposite cannot get away with no policy. We will not let them.

Tabled paper: Two pages from Mr Springborg MP’s Facebook page.

Subject: Water Infrastructure [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 9 October 2008

Hansard reference: p. 3030 [online (pdf)]

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