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a fey look?

7 November, 2008

Mr McARDLE: My question is to the Minister for Health. It is now seven months since the alleged rape of a nurse on Mabuiag Island and the minister tabling a fabricated report in this chamber about nurses’ safety. The issue of the fabricated report was referred to the CMC and then back to Queensland Health for investigation. Seven months of investigation with no conclusion is a long time when we are talking about the safety of nurses who last week were forced to flee due to threats to their safety. Will the Minister explain why the results of this investigation have not been released yet?

Mr ROBERTSON: As the member would be aware, it would be highly inappropriate for me as minister to interfere in any way with an investigation either by the Ethical Standards Unit of Queensland Health or the independent Crime and Misconduct Commission. However, I can inform the member that this investigation is coming to a conclusion and I certainly look forward to that, because perhaps then I will receive an apology from the Leader of the Opposition about the absolutely outrageous and defamatory allegations that both he and his mate, the Sarah Palin in drag who sits behind him, made about me. I look forward to that.

Mr Lucas: That’s a bit unfair to Sarah Palin, isn’t it?

Mr ROBERTSON: Yes, my apologies to Sarah Palin. I did go too far.

Mr Springborg interjected.

Mr SPEAKER: Minister, if you have been asked to withdraw, I ask you to withdraw in the correct manner.

Mr ROBERTSON: As I said, I apologise to Sarah Palin.

Mr SPEAKER: Minister!

Mr ROBERTSON: I withdraw. I look forward to the outcome of the investigation because I look forward to the apology of the Leader of the Opposition. It will be a test of the Leader of the Opposition’s integrity and will show whether or not he has the intestinal fortitude to apologise to me.

Subject: Torres Strait Islands, Safety of Public Servants [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 30 October 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 3263-3264 [online (pdf)]

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