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sucking up

15 November, 2008

MR T.G. STEPHENS (Pilbara) [2.45 pm]: Members would be well advised in reflection upon question time not to absorb all of the advice of the Leader of the Opposition word for word—sorry, the Premier!

Several members interjected.

Mr T.G. STEPHENS: Always absorb the advice of the Leader of the Opposition!

Dr K.D. Hames: Always?

Mr T.G. STEPHENS: The current Leader of the Opposition.

I have been in this place for a while and I remember petitions being tabled that got people into a lot of strife. I would advise my new colleagues to reconsider the advice to always table petitions that are delivered to them by anybody, in light of —

Mr C.J. Barnett: If someone called Brian Easton turns up!

Mr T.G. STEPHENS: Yes, the Brian Easton petition and the experience of people in the upper house in reference to the presentation of petitions.

Mr R.F. Johnson interjected.

Mr T.G. STEPHENS: A minister might like to ask some questions about a petition, the petitioner and maybe even the code of ethics that the government has adopted before presenting petitions to the house. However, I have been distracted by question time from the speech I was going to deliver in the Address-in-Reply.

I was saying in the Address-in-Reply that I have been around for a while and have had the opportunity to listen to members deliver their inaugural speeches. I have certainly enjoyed this batch of inaugural speeches. I have been —

The SPEAKER: Order, members! If members have other business in the house that they want to do and they do not want to hear the member —

Mr T.G. STEPHENS: I am all right.

The SPEAKER: I would like to hear the member and I think some other members in this place would also like to hear him. I am struggling on occasions to hear the member for Pilbara and I know that he has a great voice —

Mr T.G. STEPHENS: I think yours is all right, too.

The SPEAKER: Thank you very much.

If members have other business that can be conducted outside the house, I think most members would appreciate they do so, so the member for Pilbara can continue in relative silence.

Mr T.G. STEPHENS: Mr Speaker, I have also always enjoyed your poetic voice and the poetry that you have recited from time to time. I hope that admiration I have for the Speaker might protect me from time to time if I get called to order.

Subject: Address-in-Reply [Legislative Assembly – Address-in-Reply]

Date: 12 November 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 187b – 224a [online (pdf)]

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