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15 December, 2008

Mr NICHOLLS (Clayfield—LNP) (11.32 am): […] Obviously, at the Normanby Hotel it is fairly constrained up there. It is somewhat notorious and visited by cricket and football stars of repute—but perhaps not too much these days. They were obviously selling drinks in the car park because it is part of the definition of a licensed area.

Mr Lawlor: Have you had an inspection of the premises?

Mr NICHOLLS: I have had a number of inspections but not of the car park.

Mr Lawlor: I haven’t seen you there.

Mr NICHOLLS: You must have been in the car park.

An opposition member interjected.

Mr NICHOLLS: The member is not a sportsman of repute, I am informed. The Normanby Hotel clause now provides that the licensee cannot supply alcohol in the car park. It used to happen around Ekka time. I remember riding on the bucking bronco down at the Jubilee in the car park as well.

Mr Johnson: Did you have a ride?

Mr NICHOLLS: I had a ride, yes.

Mr Johnson: How’d you go?

Mr NICHOLLS: Not well. I think I would defer to the member for Darling Downs when it comes to riding the machine down at the Jubilee during the Exhibition.

Ms Grace: My money’s on Vaughan.

Mr NICHOLLS: The member for Brisbane Central has indicated that she wants to go head to head with the member for Gregory on the bucking bronco in her electorate.

Ms Grace: No, I’m backing him. My money’s on him.

Mr NICHOLLS: She’s backing him.

Subject: Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 4 December 2008

Hansard reference: p. 4172 [online (pdf)]

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