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17 December, 2008

Hon SUE ELLERY: […] Prior to the Labor Party coming to government, practical discounting measures were in place. The previous Liberal government introduced legislation to Parliament. Ultimately, that legislation was not proclaimed because, I think, that pesky little thing called an election intervened.

Hon Simon O’Brien: They are pesky things.

Hon SUE ELLERY: They are pesky.

Hon Simon O’Brien: We’ve had only one decent one in the past seven and a half years!

Hon SUE ELLERY: Ha, ha! I was going to be nice to the minister in my Christmas thankyous, but I am going to scratch his name off now! Now he is going to threaten me with Minties!

Hon Simon O’Brien: Peace offering!

Hon SUE ELLERY: It is the season!

The PRESIDENT: Order, members! This is not the House of Representatives!

Subject: Sentencing Legislation (Transitional Provisions) Amendment Bill 2008 [Legislative Assembly – Standing Orders Suspension — Motion]

Date: 9 December 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 1044b – 1059a

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