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18 December, 2008

164. Mrs M.H. ROBERTS to the Minister for Education:

(1) Will the minister explain why her department has failed to deliver a written report on eight separate fight club incidents involving students from a number of schools, including students from John Forrest Senior High School?

(2) Is this a strategy to avoid freedom of information laws?

(3) Is the minister aware of ongoing concerns being expressed by parents and shopkeepers in Morley about the fight club incidents?

Dr E. CONSTABLE replied:

(1)-(3) Members are aware of a number of incidents reported in recent weeks about alleged fight clubs. I have not had any evidence presented to me that there are clubs of children in Western Australian schools engaged in organised fighting. We have seen footage from mobile phone film of these incidents. I have been told that the incidents have occurred over a long period, rather than being organised. I have not received a report.


165. Mrs M.H. ROBERTS to the Minister for Education:

Will the minister seek a written report if a child is seriously injured or killed?

Dr E. CONSTABLE replied:

What an extraordinary question—if a child is injured or killed.

Mrs M.H. Roberts: There’s nothing extraordinary about it. You said that you were going to have an investigation, and you haven’t even got a written report.

Dr E. CONSTABLE: These are isolated incidents. There is no evidence of any club.

Mrs M.H. Roberts: It is two weeks later and there is no written report. It is a sham! That is no kind of investigation at all.

The SPEAKER: Order, member for Midland!

Dr E. CONSTABLE: Of course, no-one would condone children fighting.

Mrs M.H. Roberts: It’s a whitewash!

Dr E. CONSTABLE: Do not be ridiculous! This is an absolute beat-up from the member.

Mrs M.H. Roberts: We know where the beat-up is occurring—in the vicinity of John Forrest Senior High School.

Subject: Department of Education and Training – Report on School Fights [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 11 December 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 1095c – 1097a [164 |165]

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