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we get so strange across the border

23 January, 2009

MR T.K. WALDRON (Wagin – Deputy Leader of the National Party) [5.45 pm]: […] The member for Balcatta made the comment that this bill has to be passed by a certain date otherwise it will not get through in time to allow the date of elections to be changed at the next election. That is a fair comment. However, it is also the reason that the provision to change the voting system was introduced at the death knock without consultation. From what I have heard at zone meetings in my region and adjoining electorates, local councils were not consulted about this provision. If the government had consulted them, some of them may have thought about it and given their support. At the moment there is no support. The government cannot deny that.

Mr P.B. Watson: Did you say there are none?

Mr T.K. WALDRON: I note that when the member for Moore spoke he said that not one council had approached him in support of that provision. I, too, have not been approached by a council in support of that provision. I do not speak for all councils across WA; however, the measure was not supported at the zone meeting in my region. I travel from Bridgetown right through to the member for Albany’s electorate to meet with government agencies etc.

Mr P.D. Omodei: I hope you haven’t gone across my border!

Mr T.K. WALDRON: I sneak over to the east ward of Bridgetown. I have to be careful. I cannot get a cup of coffee in Bridgetown, because I cannot go into the Leader of the Opposition’s electorate without a passport!

Mr C.J. Barnett: You’ve already admitted that you’ve been to Toodyay.

Mr T.K. WALDRON: That was to check on the sheep!

Subject: Local Government Amendment Bill 2006 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 24 October 2006

Hansard reference: pp. 7483d – 7507a [online (pdf)]

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