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30 January, 2009

567. Hon PAUL LLEWELLYN to the Minister for Forestry:

In the context of the rising tide of community concern about the continued logging and felling of old trees in state forests, I ask a question in three parts.

(1) Is the minister continuing to issue licences that result in the felling of old native forest trees in state forests?

(2) If no to (1), how can the minister account for the logging at Diamond Forest, as reported in The West Australian today?

(3) If yes to (1), how is this consistent with Labor Party policy to end old-growth forest logging?

Hon KIM CHANCE replied:

(1)-(3) Mr President, I have a problem with my hearing. Hon Paul Llewellyn asked a question in three parts, and I heard about half the question. Does the member have a copy of the question?

Hon Paul Llewellyn: Yes, the minister will easily be able to read it!

Hon KIM CHANCE: I have a problem with my reading, too, Mr President!

Subject: State Forests – Old-Growth Forest Logging [Legislative Council – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 4 June 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 3454a – 3454a [online (pdf)]

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