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dead funny

3 February, 2009

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: […] There were some humorous moments during the committee’s trip. We went to the Goethe institute –

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: The Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: Visiting that university was most interesting. We finished up in the mortuary, where a lot of autopsies are conducted, and not only crime-related autopsies. They were very busy –

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: People queuing up to be dissected.

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: There were a few open body bags lying around. Our two staff members rightly decided that they would not go down to the mortuary, but Hon Derrick Tomlinson, Hon Bill Stretch and I did. The blokes in the mortuary get pretty excited. They love their work. One person was opened up, or should I say he was being dissected –

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: “Opened up” is the better term.

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: He had a very yellow look about him.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: He didn’t feel very well either.

Hon Giz Watson: Because he was dead.

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: He was very dead. A man with a very quick wit and humour, Hon Derrick Tomlinson, turned to the professor and said, “Gee, I don’t think that bloke looks very well.” I assure members that it was a most interesting highlight. The worst part was when we were having lunch later on, and as I breathed, I had the smell of death in my nose. It took me hours to get rid of it. I almost stopped breathing through my nose. I do not know how people do it, but the people there seemed laid back about it and they got very excited about what they were showing us.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: Especially the bloke on the slab who was open.

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: The staff member said that he was running out of space because of all the blood the office had drawn. He was very excited and showed us all the tissue samples. He got very carried away about what he did. I suppose it is because he was lonely. He would not have had anyone to talk to except his colleagues.

Hon Bill Stretch: And visiting Australians.


Subject: Criminal Investigation (Identifying People) Bill 2001 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 26 March 2002

Hansard reference: pp. 8858b – 8874a [online (pdf)]

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