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no possible doubt whatever

10 February, 2009

Hon PETER FOSS: A week ago we started to debate this bill. I raised the question that it was rather difficult to debate the bill, because we knew that a deal had been done between the government and Greens (WA), which appeared, on the face of it, although we did not have the detail, to change the legislation radically. I was assured by the Leader of the House that we could definitely go ahead and debate the bill because it was, without doubt, the matter that we had to discuss. At that stage I took the liberty to say that it seemed remarkably similar to the statement by the Duke of Plaza-Toro in the Gondoliers. It is somewhat disappointing, now that we know what we will be talking about, because in the meantime I actually have the words from the Gondoliers in which Don Alhambra – I had it wrong; it was not the Duke of Plaza-Toro – explained what he meant by the fact that there was no doubt.

Hon Kim Chance: Notwithstanding that, I think you and Hon Derrick Tomlinson could probably sing that, by leave.

Hon PETER FOSS: That is true.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: We don’t need leave; we’ll sing it anyway.

Hon PETER FOSS: We have been practising, but I will resist the temptation, although I realise the house will be greatly disappointed. For those who are interested I have the words here and I could pass them around for anybody who would like to join our chorus and at some stage, perhaps out of the house, we could sing it.

Subject: One Vote One Value Bill 2005 [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 3 May 2005

Hansard reference: pp. 1033b – 1066a [online (pdf)]

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