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17 February, 2009

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: […] The Leader of the Opposition’s motion, which could do with some amendment, condemns the Government for its misplaced priorities. However, he has done nothing to advise the House about where the Government’s priorities should lie.

Hon Tom Stephens: Sit down and I will explain.

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: In due course I will. The Leader of the Opposition will then have the opportunity to reply, and I will be interested to see whether he can address some of the issues which I will raise and which he failed to address.

Hon Tom Stephens: I anticipate winning you over to vote with me.

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: The leader is an eternal optimist. It is a characteristic I find –

Hon Tom Stephens: Endearing!

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: Especially endearing. It is a pity that he is also in cloud-cuckoo-land in anticipating how I might vote. That exquisite naivety is delicious. It is very engaging.

Hon Tom Stephens: I love you, too.

The PRESIDENT: That is enough of that; it is almost unparliamentary.

Subject: Government Priorities and Funding Commitments [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 21 October 1999

Hansard reference: p. 2409 [online (pdf)]

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