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frisky business

25 March, 2009

Mr P.B. WATSON: […] Albany Airport does not have security. It was interesting to read the story this morning about how people were able to take guns on a plane in their luggage. A person who gets on a plane in Albany can take a bazooka and a tank because there is no-one to stop passengers doing so. People can walk straight on the plane with anything they want. But any passengers intending to travel back to Albany from Perth who happen to have a nail file on them will find that the security people will make them put their hands up against the wall and will frisk them. It is double standards —

Ms A.J.G. MacTiernan: It is just that the women in there find you so attractive!

Mr P.B. WATSON: The member can frisk me anytime!

Subject: Premier’s Statement [Legislative Assembly – Consideration]

Date: 12 March 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 1785a – 1805a [online (pdf)]

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