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bit of a gamble

26 March, 2009

MR W.R. MARMION (Nedlands — Parliamentary Secretary) [6.45 pm]: Like the member for Balcatta, I have listened to a number of speeches. I enjoyed the member’s most volatile speech and I agree with one of his points. One of the most important things he said was that it is important to create confidence, and I support that point. I think that is what the Premier of Western Australia is doing. However, I do not agree with many of the member’s comments when he got stuck into our illustrious Premier. In fact, he made a comment about someone taking up his offer of a bet that there are 1 000 government committees. I am willing to take up that bet and we can sort that out in due course.

Mr J.C. Kobelke: You’re on.

Mr W.R. MARMION: We are on. I checked with the Speaker whether I was allowed to do that and he was a bit unsure.

Mr P. Miles: Are you going to table that?

Mr W.R. MARMION: If someone could go banker —

The SPEAKER: I thought it was for me!

Mr J.C. Kobelke: How much do you want for the bet?

Mr W.R. MARMION: This is the biggest bet I have ever had in my life.

Mr J.C. Kobelke: Only $10! You’re not very confident. What about $100?

Mr W.R. MARMION: I do not make as much money as the member for Balcatta, obviously.

Mr J.C. Kobelke: I’m just very confident; you’re not.

Subject: Premier’s Statement [Legislative Assembly – Amendment to Question]

Date: 11 March 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 1647b – 1686a [online (pdf)]

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