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2 April, 2009

The SPEAKER: Does the member for Jandakot wish to continue with his speech?

Mr J.M. FRANCIS: No, I am happy, Mr Speaker.

MR M. McGOWAN (Rockingham) [3.01 pm]: I rise to add my remarks —

Mr M.P. Whitely: You’re a windbag.

The SPEAKER: Member for Bassendean, we dealt with the issue and I have given the call to the member for Rockingham. I do not know whether the member for Bassendean used that term to describe the leader of opposition business, but I presume that he did not.

Mr M.P. Whitely: I certainly wasn’t.

The SPEAKER: I think it might have been directed at somebody else. Perhaps the member should choose his moment, such as when the leader of opposition business is not on his feet.

Mr M. McGOWAN: If the member for Bassendean was referring to me, I took it as a term of endearment.

Several members interjected.

Mr M. McGOWAN: He left off the word “pious”, which normally precedes such a remark. “Sanctimonious” is the other word that normally precedes that remark. In either case I would not have been offended.

Mr M.P. Whitely: I always end it with the word “mate”.

Mr M. McGOWAN: That is right.

Subject: Treasurer’s Advance Authorisation Bill 2009 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 18 March 2009

Hansard reference: p. 2075 [online (pdf)]

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