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13 April, 2009

HON NORMAN MOORE (Mining and Pastoral – Leader of the House) [4.42 pm]: Mr President, there is a
bit of confusion about whether the time was correct. It is a different time from that provided to me, but I accept your judgement.

The PRESIDENT: If I may, I will end any confusion that may exist. I took note of the time at which the urgency motion commenced and I allowed one hour precisely. In accord with standing orders, the debate has lapsed. The clocks were showing a time that was not accurate, but that is neither here nor there.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: It is not for me ever to question your judgement on this, Mr President, but is it
possible to deal with motions without notice, or is the one hour gone?

The PRESIDENT: Motions without notice, as I understand it, can and should be dealt with under orders of the day. As I understand it, Hon Kim Chance is proposing at some stage to deal with orders of the day 21, 39 and 40 and to move that they be discharged. However, if the house agrees, the Leader of the House could move that, save for orders of the day 21, 39 and 40, the other orders of the day dealing with motions for disallowance be postponed until after consideration of order of the day 23. I could then put that motion and Hon Kim Chance could deal with those three orders of the day consecutively.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: Thank you, Mr President. The difficulty is that I cannot read Hon Kim Chance’s
mind; I do not know what his motions will be!

The PRESIDENT: I think that is why I am the President!

Subject: Business of the House [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 31 March 2009

Hansard reference: p. 2256 [online (pdf)]

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