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24 April, 2009

HON LJILJANNA RAVLICH (East Metropolitan) [10.11 pm]: […] What is of most concern is that the government has wrapped this up as being a positive thing for TAFE colleges without being up-front and honest about its agenda. One of the first things the minister did when his party assumed government was to give TAFE lecturers a pay rise that they were satisfied with. I think the minister thought that once they got their pay rise they would be compliant and put up with anything that the government put before them. However, I think he has been a little bit sneaky because already there are rumblings throughout the TAFE colleges.

Hon Peter Collier: You are talking to the wrong people.

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: I am terribly sorry: I might be talking to the wrong people, but the minister is not talking to anybody. I have not seen a media release on this issue.

Hon Peter Collier: How many TAFEs have you been to?

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: I have been to heaps of TAFEs, many times over. The minister should not worry about that.

This minister has not provided information to the training sector that signals to it what the government’s agenda is. Is it not true that the profile will be increased so that the competitive funding element will be 40 per cent by 2012? Is that true or false?

Hon Peter Collier: I am sorry, I have stopped listening.

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: Of course the minister has stopped listening. How convenient of the minister to stop listening.

Subject: TAFEWA Colleges – Governance and Accountability [Legislative Council – Adjournment Debate]

Date: 1 April 2009

Hansard reference: p. 2460 [online (pdf)]

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