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the wrong spectacle

1 May, 2009

Mr FOLEY: My question is to the Minister for Transport. It has been brought to my attention that drivers wearing large, thick framed glasses, particularly with side arms like these, have a high percentage of their peripheral vision blocked which in the case of one of my constituents resulted in a very serious accident. Whilst the difficulty of banning forms of glasses being worn while driving is understood, what will the minister’s department do to notify drivers of the possible dangers they face as a result of wearing this form of eyewear?

Ms NOLAN: I thank the honourable member for the question. I take it the member means the glasses that have big fat arms so that you cannot see out of the sides?

An honourable member: What about Dame Edna?

Ms NOLAN: Dame Edna might be in a lot of trouble under the Chris Foley regime!


I think it is a really fair point. I will chat to the member further about the case of his constituent and have a look into whether we need to make some kind of change, be it either a legislative change— although that might be a bit heavy handed—or, as the member suggests, the provision of some kind of warning or otherwise to motorists. I am really happy to have a look at that. I thank the member for the question.

Mr Foley: Mr Speaker, I cannot table the glasses because they belong to a friend of mine.

Mr SPEAKER: Good. Thank you. That will be a relief to the Table Office, I have no doubt.

Subject: Drivers, Wearing of Glasses [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 23 April 2009

Hansard reference: pp. 167-168 [online (pdf)]

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